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View Style (Combined vs Single)
Up until now contents of a web page are alone and are viewed in its entirety. Combined effect of similar and varied contents is totally ignored by the big browser players.
Linear Browsing
Verbial Icons: Verbial (derived from verb) Icon means an icon demonstrating functionality expected from a menu item. Instead of producing a meaningless shadow of an image within a menu item, a set of two images are used to demonstrate an action expected from selecting a menu item.
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Very Simple Syndication (VSS):  is a method of HTML contents syndication uniquely defined and exploited in NotJustBrowsing. Any element within an HTML document (web page) can be made available for syndication by keeping the value of its "id" parameter unchanged.

Drag & Drop to accumulate web page locations (URL's).
A unique way of storing multiples of URL's in the form of 'collection', 'book', 'notes', 'magazine', 'photo album' etc.  Each one of the above storage classes or all of them at the same time can be exported or imported to share with other users.
Front Cover: A collection of URL's can also be represented by a picture/image (called front cover). In the picture on right, collection of links to Brian Brun's art work is represented by one of his own art work.

Linear Browsing: A unique way to browse, pioneered in NotJustBrowsing. All browsing windows appear in one line, making it easy to look at hundreds of web pages in one scroll through. There has never been a need for scrollable thumbnail view of web pages.

Multiple Browsing: A unique configurable way (using tiled windows) of presenting the contents of multiples of URL's. The contents of every set of multiples of URL's (html pages etc.) can be viewed together and in a form that suits the contents within each set of URL's.

Sharing multiple links: A unique way of sharing browsing experience. A collection of web page locations (links) with notes and best layout to view are shared as oppose to a single web page address (link).
Runtime browsing progress indication and web page access time.
See Through functionality enables a user to load HTML pages or Images referred to in any HTML page.

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Zero Point: Use all functions of your computer from within browser. A unique way of organizing access to information present on local hard drive. A unique way out of File & Folder mentality for managing huge amounts of information of present times.

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Tailored Browsing: Create your own customized web pages from the selected portions of web sites of your choice. Later browse your tailored page that contains only selective portions from your chosen web sites. Browsing has never been so much fun before.

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Links modification/view protection:  Stored web page addresses (links) can be protected against modifications. A temporary view lock can be applied to stored links for those links to be protected against unauthorized view while program is running.

Suitable to provide user guides, documentation, help in media rich HTML format, a zero cost alternative for contents distribution.
Skin: Change the skin of the application by selecting from one of the 10 colour shades.

Management of links (URLs) using established concepts like Shelf, Book etc. Weired concepts like "bookmark manager" have no place in this conceptual browser.

The amount of information that a user can browse through in minimum of time and the amount of links that can be stored and managed are distinguished features of this innovatively designed browser.
NotJustBrowsing has an element of thought provoking usefulness that makes a time wasting browsing process in to a meaningful activity of immense educational value.





Version 1.0.10 is released.

Encrypted Picture Messaging: Encrypt your valuable pictures before passing them on to your friends and family.

Use this tool in office environment where secrecy of drawings/pictures is important.

Two wrongs can never make one right i.e., tabs and bookmark manager.



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Thanks to A.R. Khalid for his valuable comments and suggestions for the improvement of this website.


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Twin Engine: Uses two layout engines.

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