What is different?

Zero Point    (version 1.0.7)
NotJustBrowsing®  - Trade mark registered in Great Britain & Northern Ireland.
All rights reserved.
During this tour if you feel lost, please press       to comeback to this screen.
Familiarize yourself with
    1. Study Place  {Re sizable}
    2. Shelf  {Re sizable}
    3. Single & Multiple Browsing Spaces (Figure 1, Figure 2).
    4. Colour coded browsing signals.
What a bookmark means ?
What is a collection ?
A collection is a number of web links placed together.
How can links be placed together ?
If you don't know where to type www.notjustbrowsing.com ?
Press this button, located on main control bar
Browsing Control Buttons
Where are they ?
How To ?
Browse, Link Gathering, Layout Setting, Bind, Cut & Paste, Bookmarking, Home, Moving Around, Preferences, Import, Export, Move Out, View Lock, Protection, Info Sharing, Backup, Changing Colours, Properties
Need help :
Main Control Bar
Caution: Multiple browsing windows can not be seen until they are activated by using "Go" command.
Relationship between home & favourite collection ?
Popups Allow/Block -    Ctrl+D
Multiple Browsing: Step by Step
Discussion Forum
Keyboard Shortcuts
About Browsing History
Start from here
and don't forget
In Trouble ?
Front Cover   (v1.0.3)
Encrypted Picture Messaging  (v1.0.4)
Linear Browsing    (version 1.0.5)
See Through    (version 1.0.6)

Verbial Icons (version 1.0.8)

          Improved User Interface 

Tailored Browsing (v1.0.9)

Very Simple Syndication (v1.0.9)

To open a link in a new browser pane, press Control key and Click left mouse button. Applies to Internet Explorer® engine only. Use normal context menu option "Open in New Window" otherwise.

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